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Meet Jane - the brains and body behind Pilates4me Online! Jane has over 15 years experience teaching pilates and runs her own studio in her island home of Tasmania (Australia). Trained under the highly acclaimed Polestar Pilates, she is an accredited Mat Pilates Fitness Instructor and qualified Clinical Mat & Studio Pilates trainer. With a strong sporting background and a Degree in Education, Jane has combined her athletic experience with her love of teaching and passion for pilates to create this platform where anyone of any skill level, age, or lifestyle can improve their fitness and strengthen their body!

Work out anywhere, anytime!

When you subscribe to Pilates4me Online, you get UNLIMITED access to our large library of workouts. Watch our instructional videos anytime, from anywhere, on any device and shape our Pilates4me program to suit your lifestyle – it’s a flexible workout program, for a flexible body!

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